Metallica- Horns Up Ep. 4- Episode 84

Show Notes

Metallica, the greatest and most influential metal band of the 20th century, owns the most stacked discography in the genre. Each member of Horns Up is a lifelong fan of Metallica, and each of us have grown up listening the thrashers from LA.

Formed in 1981 by guitarist and front man James Hetfield and Drummer Lars Ulrich, the young alcoholics set off to reform the metal genre.

The aged rockers are fresh off Boston Calling 2022 and featured in the new season of Stranger Things. They’ve proven relevant over four decades after four decades and over a dozen full length albums.

Although, many thought they were finished in the early 2000’s with the release of Some Kind Of Monster. They emerged years later with Death Magnetic, proving they still had what it takes. Little did their fanbase know, they were far from finished.

The boys in Horns Up discuss and listen to their favorite Metallica tracks of all time. The songs that influenced their listening tastes and their musicianship.

Jay from How To Kill A Sacred Cow went on to form George Orwell The Musical. Jeff Frenandez writes bangers to this day. And Shane Newsome of course writes all of the original music heard on this very show.

It was very difficult coming up with a top ten list of Metallica songs. There was a ranking system agreed upon that quickly fell apart. And they bickered over solos and beats. Also, the best bassist, and best covers.

However, they all agreed upon one thing. Lars is Fake!


Danunaki Dan Rising From The Ashes

Shane Newsome I Newsome But Didn’t Know It All 

Andy Rouse The Deep Share

Jay Henehan How To Kill A Sacred Cow

Jeff Fernandez- Shadow Banned

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