79- Horns Up Episode 2

Show Notes

The boys are at it again bringing you horns up episode 2! Composer Shane Newsome, Band backbone Danunaki Dan, Key Smasher Andy Rouse, Guitar God Jeff Fernandez, and The Glass Shattering Vocalist Jay Henehan hit the stage and melt faces while hundreds of gladiators face off in the pit. 

These five lifelong metal heads share some of their favorite tracks while critically critiquing, and reminscing about their life and the the music that shaped it. We have four musicians on the show, all of which are incredibly talented. The odd man out is an honorary musician just because he is so damn cool. The genres covered in this episode reflect the wide array of our combined tastes. While some of our favoritee bands overlap, our favorite metal sub-genres could not be more different.

Of course we all love the agressiveness and technicality that is a requirement of this type of music, however each of us have seperate, distinct preferences. To the untrained ear it all sounds the same, but a metal head can tell you the difference between metalcore and hardcore; deathcore and death metal; mathcore and progressive metal; djent and sludge. The Interactive metal genres map can keep an metal fan busy for hours going through all the different metal niches that have evolved over the past 40 years

In this episode we share five great songs after reading the lyrics of the song. We do this to reveal the words behind the gutterals and the screams. You can learn a lot about the world by exploring the darkest parts of the human psyche. With dissonant chords and arpeggios sweaping over blast beats, all anchored by a pulsating bassline, you can hear the demons of our soul being exorcised and banished, one measure at a time.

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