Today we talk about the collateral damage resulting from the nation wide lockdown. Which is actually a global lockdown if you pay attention to the world news, which, given that you are probably American, means that you don’t have any idea what’s going on throughout the world. You only probably know whats going on here in these United States. Did you know that 18 people have died in Nigeria from the police enforcing lockdown measures while only 12 people have died of Covid-19? No? I didnt think so. It’s food for thought. Meanwhile, in America, business owners are being stopped from keeping their businesses open and fined and jailed for doing so. But, thankfully the state courts are overruling the city and county courts because it is all ILLEGAL. And these people are just trying to feed their families and the families of their employees. But that’s Illegal, until it gets to court. Not to mention, alcoholism and drug use and child abuse is up but you know, STAY THE FUCK HOME!!! But, I’m just a guy. What do I know.