Benjamin Wuamett of Ezra Bell- Romance And Debauchery- Cavorting With the Muses Episode 85

Show Notes

Benjamin Wuamett is the lead singer of Ezra Bell, the greatest band you’ve never heard of. I made sure not to ask mundane questions usually posed to musicians by journalists who’ve only heard their top five Spotify tracks.

Sprinkled expertly throughout these beautiful songs are grains of truth, bitter as salt: which burns the wound of even the most seasoned veteran of war.

The show opens and ends with one of my favorite songs, You’re The Coolest. If you listen closely, the main character Artie will tell anyone of his knowledge of the collapse of building seven. If you look into his soul, you will see an apathetic musician who hasn’t seen his family in years. However, he knows more about everything than you, and that is how he is able to survive on nothing but books. 

The introduction is then followed by their brand new song his first and last sounds

From there we continue along the conversation until interrupted by the upbeat and searing track Let’s all Move To Vietnam. A song  in which all scorned lovers  can relate. When the trust of your lover is broken, do you find the new squeeze and burn down their house? 

During 2020,  the band was  without a drummer. They recorded a version of the (only) ballerina from tennessee. Beauty such as this is rarely captured on camera.

One more track we talked about was Drink From The Trough. This song is a scathing critique of the political system which steals from us while we fight over which thief represents the lesser of two evils.

Throughout this interview we dig into the mind of a wonderful artist covering live performances, history and conspiracy theories. Herein lies my conversation with the composer of this wonderful music, Ben Wuamett.