Ascension of the Chessmen with Andre Mytty

Episode 81 ascension of the chessmen with andre mytty

Show Notes

Andre Mytty, Host of the Ascension of the Chessmen Podcast seeks to rise with love above duality & division. He invited me on his show to talk about sci-fi predictive programing. Of course, we didn’t get to the subject until probably 45 mins into the coversation. Andre and I met on Brandon Thomas’ Expanding Reality Round Table, and connected to get to know each other better. We discovered that we share a love of sci-fi and William Cooper. He is the first person I have met who has, like me, combed through the Hour of The Time radio archives. We spoke about Carol Quigley and his theories on history and historical analysis. 

Many have never read the full text of Quigley’s landmark book Tragedy And Hope, and who can blame them clocking in at 1348 pages. Many reference and quote his bombshell statements, while never reading the rest of the book.

Of greater importance for understanding history is his first book called The Evolution of Civilizations, a comprehensive and perceptive look at the factors behind the rise and fall of civilizations. Quigley examines the application of scientific method to the social sciences, then establishes his historical hypotheses. He poses a division of culture into six levels from the abstract to the more concrete. He then tests those hypotheses by a detailed analysis of five major civilizations: the Mesopotamian, the Canaanite, the Minoan, the classical, and the Western.





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