Jake Locorotondo- A Reader Lives A Thousand Lives Before He Dies- Episode 78

Show Notes

Jake Locorotondo, an avid reader like myself, explores the depths of mystical conspirituality with wonderful and knowledgeable souls. It is a show that invites you to speak your truth and Loco Listens. We spoke about liturature both ancient and contemperary. Authors such as George Orwell, Dante Aligieri, and Fyodor Dostoyevsky, and  their contribution to our understanding of the world. 

Jake has poured through the work of the great writers of the Western Canon. And has traveled through space and time Each book imparts upn the reader a new insight, a piece of widom, and a grain of truth. One sadly underappriciated genre is science fiction. Once said by Philip K. Dick to be the ghettos of the literary world. Where the ides, not the story, are the central focus of it’s author.

In his communications classes in college, Jake discovered a love for cinema. His favorite exercise was to read a classic novel, watch the original film, and then follow that up with the updated modern version. This type of immersion in a single piece of work can yield not only intellectual fruit, but wisdom as well.

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