77- Ryan Christian- Believe Only Half Of What You See And Nothing That You Hear Pt.3- Maxar Technologies

Show Notes

Ryan Christian from The Last American Vagabond joins us to talk about the illusory nature of the mainstream narratives surrounding just about everything these days. We talked about the CIA and Defense Department connections to Maxar Technologies, the acquisition of Getty Images by The Carlyle Group and how they craft narratives with the likes of AP and Reuters. They have all contributed to the conflict in Ukraine and the misery of the civilians living there.

Maxar published the satellite imagery of the Russian Convoy in preparation of the invasion of Ukraine. Who told them to look at that particular area of the world at that very moment in time? Their number one customer. The Department of Defense. In this damning piece by The New Republic: Maxar Technologies’ Images of Russia’s War On Ukraine. Is It Propaganda? Jordan G. Teicher takes a close look at who this company works for, and what services they provide. 

Ryan had stumbled upon the Maxar Technologies connections to the intelligence agencies, as well as the DOD., by simply going to their website. Companies like Getty ImagesAP and Reuters, all work together to feed the media a steady stream of images from their satellites, creating stories that are dutifully reported on by the media to craft a narrative that benefits the interests they serve.






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