75- Believe Only Half Of What You See And Nothing That You Hear Pt.2- Brooklyn Subway Shooting

Show Notes

On April 12th, 2022, a man impersonating a city subway worker and wearing a gas mask set off smoke bombs and opened fire on a train car full of passengers, injuring 16. Or did he? There are several issues with the Brooklyn Subway Shooting.

First, the fact that everyone he wounded was shot only in the leg or foot. Despite the fact neither he nor the crowd had anywhere to run. Second, the people did not seem as afraid as they should, given the fact they were just fired upon by a crazed, masked man. Third, the peple wounded were not crying out in pain, but, by all accounts, acting very stoicly.

The narrtive of this event is driven by images coming from only two corporations and one bystander, despite the fact there are several people with their phones out, and more than two companies capable of publishng images. In this second part of the series, we examine the companies that craft the visual media central to the narrative crafted for each agenda. 

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