74- Believe Only Half Of What You See And Nothing That You Hear

Show Notes

Today we discus the dangers of the consolidation of media by looking at the relationship between the satellite imaging company Maxar and the Defense Department. 

Maxar published the satellite imagery of the Russian Convoy in preperation of the invasion of Ukraine. Who told them to look at that particular area of the world at that very moment in time? Their number one customer. The Department of Defence. In this damning piece by The New Republic: Maxar Technologies’ Images of Russia’s War On Ukraine. Is It Propaganda? Jordan G. Teicher takes a close look at who this comapny works for, and what sevices they provide. 

If the media is using these images to drum up support for war in Ukraine, we must ask why they work so closely with the intelligence services and the DOD. Although the media seems to think it’s ok to report on these maters without considering the source, we must be more vigilant.

Companies like Getty ImagesAP and Reuters, all work together to feed the media a steady stream of images from their satellites, creating stories that are dutifully reported on by the media to craft a narrative that benefits the interests they serve.

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