Where is all this Covid nonsense going? Today I sit down with author James Perloff and see if we can’t figure that out. I am of the mind that this whole thing has moved out of the realm of a public health crisis and is now moving into the realm of a political crisis. It is now obvious that the powers that be are checking off all the boxes of their New World Order checklist. Mandatory vaccinations, tracking chips, isolating humans from one another, social engineering in the schools. Not to mention the illogical lockdown measures that have destroyed families and businesses, as well as the health of the nation our so called “health experts” have sworn to protect. Or they even swear oaths? is that a thing? Probably not, since they are unelected bureaucrats who’s loyalty is sold to the highest bidder. Today James and I will try to shed some light and speak some truth, and while truth is a lonely warrior, sharing truth with others is the best way to combat isolation!