Jeffrey Epstein…The Man Who Won’t Stay Dead. Years from now many will look back on this period of time, smirk quietly and say to them self, “Pffffft, Epstein didn’t kill himself!” They will laugh and say, “of course he didn’t, he was on suicide watch, he just tried to kill himself. They take him off suicide watch…weird! He kills himself…weird! He hangs himself with a paper thin bed sheet specifically made just so prisoners couldn’t hang themselves from the top bunk of their jail cell. Oh, and nobody checked on him for hours. Oh, and the tape was erased. So, yea, there’s that.” Then, these friggin pictures of Bill Clinton come out and he’s hangin out with Epstein and his pimp, and his masseuse, on a plane, and what the hell man? And I can’t go through my news feed without either seeing an Epstein meme or some new news about Epstein. This guy died like 6 months ago…jeeze… My senator went to Little St. James and only got me this crummy graphic tee of Ghislane Maxwell and Bill Clinton getting on The Lolita Express. Well, a picture says a thousand words. Come check out these pics…


Show Notes:

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Rasmussen Report: Most now think that Epstien was murdered

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