How To Kill A Sacred Cow

How to Kill a Sacred Cow podcast covers history, conspiracy and music. We interview people who speak truth in the face of power. Especially those brave enough to stake careers and relationships doing it.

Indeed, we hope to find others to share ideas with. However different and crazy they seem, all are welcome. 

Undoubtedly, talking is the only way to make sure that bad ideas die. As a result it allows the good ones to rise up. However, people in power shut us down. Just because we speak the truth. 

First we were called us conspiracy theorists. After that we were shadow banned. Finally, we were thrown off social media. Under those circumstances they want to destroy our voice. But despite all that, our message still reaches many.

Why wouldn’t they want us talking about World Economic Forum? Because they know we would throw them in prison. We follow the laws and in contrast they break them. Surprisingly, we go to jail and they on the other hand get rich.

Firstly. they fly to Davos yet say we need to lower our emission. Secondly, they scream about climate change while printing newspapers and magazines about it. Thirdly, they tell us we consume too much.

Summing up, by speaking to each other with open minds, we learn more. So long as we do it in good faith, we can disagree. We have more in common with each other than them. That is to say as long as we stick together we can remain free on how to kill a sacred cow.


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